History of Ring

A ring is a circle. The Shape circle has very powerful magical properties. It is the strongest and most ‘Natural’   shape. The circle has endless  repetitive perpetual wholeness in time and space.

The meaning of wearing rings of precious metal, such as gold, platinum or titanium gold jewellery   much depending on which finger it is worn, it is always better to think before choosing the finger to wear a ring.

We usually wear a rings of precious metal, such as gold, platinum or titanium in our ring finger. Before we move ahead first we need to understand the term ‘ring finger’ . The ring finger is believed to be the third finger and the reasons for calling this the ring finger are as follows

  1. Most of us believe that the 3rd finger is well protected by fingers on either side and so isn’t  as much used as equivalenced to the thumb and other fingers. This makes it ideally suited for wearing engagement  rings and other rings.
  2. Another sentimental description  for this belief is that a vein runs directly from this ring finger to the heart. This  ‘vein of love’ anciently believed  as ‘ vena amori’ , which means  love’s connection to the  heart.

There are various recommendations for choosing the finger to wear your ring.they are as follows:

  • Pre-engagement Rings should be worn on the gold ring finger of the left hand.
  • This is then replaced with the wedding band after marriage.
  • pre-engagement means a ring  given by the groom to bride as part of the Wedding ( Betrothal ) ceremony. The rings of precious metal, such as gold, platinum or titanium symbolizes  his promise to marry her.  And as the left hand is a bit closer to the heart than the right, they placed marriage rings on the third finger of the left hand.In some cultures the ring is worn on the right hand, since the right hand is considered more righteous.

Here is a joke about the ring?
“If we get married, will you give me a ring?”
“Why not I’ll ring you. What’s your mobile number?”It is true that a wedding ring is just a token of possession, but rather than symbolizing a man’s possession of  a woman, the modern practice is the woman’s possession of something valuable given by the man. Since rings of precious metal, such as gold, platinum or titanium is gifted in wedding.

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