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Nail Jewelry Pattern

Fashion by all means replicate one’s style statement, mood, status and culture.

It has become a part of everyone’s life, in both genders, sometimes it goes beyond.

Some fashionista in recent times gives care to the most unforgotten parts of the last decade like nail Jewelry, belly buttons, arm bands, hip chains and even eye jewellery and has undergone in making a trendsetters.

gold nails1 300x300 Nail Jewelry

Lets know about the recent fashionista experiments to the crown of our fingers, NAILS.

Famous celebrities, decorate their nails with gold nail polish, gold glitters, expensive manicure and all other stuffs just to make their nails talk for them.

Some like decorating their nails classy and some with spooky weirdest jewelry decor.

gold NAIL POLISH Nail Jewelry

Not only royals use gold nail polish, they even has the nail polish lid actually made of diamonds closely studded and extremely costing an amount  more than $150,000.

Celebrities take special type of interest in revealing their fashionary by going in for expensive Nail Jewelery, which becomes an inseparable part of their life as they are the icons for the people around them.Nail rings can be worn by simply piercing a dot with a help of specialized stapler and then the ring is hooked to the nail holes.

jewellery gold silver jewlry 300x190 Nail Jewelry

Nail rings are the recent trends going around in the market. They adorn their nails, with self embellished jewellery. The nail jewellery comes in varieties, easy to fit, stone studded or plain nail ring.

Some stick on gold metallic nails also come in the jewelry market, they just have to stick on , best for those who do not have long shaped nails. These gold nail jewellery looks stunning and can be fixed in home without waiting in a parlor.

gold nail jewelry 300x105 Nail Jewelry

The gold nails come with an adhesive to stick on the gold nail Jewellery as an extension to your nails, the color will not tan and can be removed and stick it out whenever you want. if you wear it you would definetely be the center of attraction.

These nail jewelry comes both in gold and silver, a luxury ornament to adorn your nails. One of the famous nail ring is a designery snake ring by bijules, a famous jewelry designers. These snake rings comes in gold studded with diamonds and silver rings. Many innovative and new concepts arrives daily in the fashion market.

gold nail ring Nail Jewelry

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