Caring for Your Gold Jewellery

  1. Even though gold is lasting and durable it will be scratched  if treated unsafely.
  2. Chlorine Gas Form or liquid form is one of the worst enemy to Gold Jewellery.
  3. Repeated exposure to chlorine can weaken its structure leading to breakage. So keep your jewellery away from chlorinated cleaning products.
  4. Protect your valuable gold jewelery by storing it safely wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn.
  5. Clean your gold jewellery with a standard cleaning solution in  lukewarm water, or  have it steam-cleaned by your local jewellers.
  6. Dry well and polish smoothly  jewellery with a soft cloth after cleaning and rinsing.
  7. Keep gold jewellery free from dust, moisture.
  8. Always inspect your gold jewelry for weakness or damage.

jewellery safty Caring for Your Gold Jewellery

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